TLC's team provides a myriad of brand management and development services for businesses in the organic and natural products industries.

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Todd Linsky TLC Organic An Organic Brand Management Company
Produce Therapy Todd Linsky TLC Organic

Asset Development

Produce Therapy

Brand Development and Expansion

  Business plans and strategic development

  Business reviews

  Promotional evaluation and development

  Pricing and contract evaluations

  Marketing plans

  Brand management

  Brand channel placement and promotions

  Provide leadership and credibility in organic/natural brand building

  Social Media strategies

Grower-Retailer Relations

  Production planning, management and development

  Packing- in the box, cooling/ post harvest handling

  Marketing- field to fork, crisis and category management

  Sales- build product network

   Food Safety- strategy

  Credible representation of foreign companies trying to procure US products for export and or navigate entry into the US markets

An Organic Brand Management Company

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