TLC Client Testimonials


“I have had the privilege to work with Todd developing Strategy and Execution principles that have produced impressive results. Todd while knowledgeable in organics, has unique strengths in forecasting future trends and not being timid to partner change.”

Jeffrey Beaulieu
Retired VP Sales and Merchandising
Giant Food Stores

“Working with Todd is refreshing and effective, each of the small successes restore a bit of excitement in work that was starting to feel like a grind, like running in place, feeling our evolution and it’s full of promise.

He calls it ‘Produce Therapy’ and we already see the progress, the impact on performance and the revitalization of bottom line, and position and strategy for a strong team that produces big moving forward. I have faith in his guidance, and am satisfied and hopeful with the results, I appreciate his no nonsense, big-picture-insight-while-rolling -up-his sleeves approach. I am very excited we made the TLC investment in ourselves, in our team.”

Jessie Gunn
Marketing Manager
Wholesum Harvest

"I've known Todd both personally and professionally almost his entire produce career. I know firsthand the range of experience he has and how he uses the lessons he has learned for the benefit of his customers and the industry. As a world class marketer who created win/win business networks based on quality and follow through I continue to call on his help for Braga Family Farms."

Greg McAlister
Vice President Product Development
Braga Fresh Family Farms

“For the last 20 years Earl’s Organics has had a strategic relationship with Todd in his various roles in multiple companies.  Few are more knowledgeable or more engaged than him in all facets of our growing industry.

To have him on your team would be a tremendous asset.”

Robert Lichtenberg
Director of Purchasing
Earl's Organic Produce

“Todd’s long history in the organic trade in a dynamic mix of positions and responsibilities provides him with unique qualifications and a well-rounded perspective when addressing production, policy, distribution and retailing concerns.

As OGC’s V.P. of Sales and Marketing, I have worked with Todd for over 20 years in sourcing, creating educational formats and examining marketing opportunities for our national sales program.  He remains a keen observer of our market and a great source of intelligence with practical purpose.”

David Lively
Vice President Sales and Marketing
Organically Grown Company

“I appreciate Todd’s insight and willingness to help our organic program. He’s well respected by our customers as knowledgeable and forthright.  His commitment to organics is only matched by his commitment to his clients and their success.”

Tim Shepard
Executive Vice President and General Manager
Crosset Company

“Todd's been a valuable part of helping the Caito family for years. He knows how to move the needle, motivating our group. He’s always willing to share his knowledge about the organic industry and his guidance is greatly appreciated.”

Tony Mitchell
VP of Sales, Procurement and Marketing
Caito Foods

"Todd brought incredible knowledge and expertise to our team.  Over the course of only several days we had an experience that I think was transformative and enlightening.  We accomplished more in a week than we ever imagined we could and our business continues to benefit from Todd’s contribution."

Rafael Goldberg


"Todd has been a key part of Raley's success  for countless years. We can always count on him to be voice of reason through the amazing growth of the industry.  I value his counsel, insight and most importantly, his friendship."

Michael Schutt
Produce Merchant


"Todd played a key role in maturing the organic produce trade from a backyard business into a paradigm shifting movement which forever changed the grocery/food industry for the better.

TLC’s Produce Therapy catalyzes the evolution of its clients operational culture by facilitating a better understanding of the organizations core purpose.  Whether applied to the office, packing line, or field TLC’s methods create motivation that comes from a genuine commitment to excellence based on team members desire to contribute to the company’s loftiest aspirations."

Edmund LaMacchia


“Todd has an amazing ability to look outside the box. He helped us see what could be, and then worked with us to make it happen. He’s a pillar in the produce industry.”

Anthony Pitoscia
Owner/VP Fresh Advancements Inc
Bamford Produce


“If you asked me to name a produce professional that can balance knowledge, a commitment to the industry, and remain a gracious individual, Todd Linsky comes to mind. By design, he works to partner with me to develop a sustainable business model. And as a teacher he helps us to apply our strategy. He comes alongside me helping to create a plan that addresses my customers’ wishes.”  

Teri Miller 
Produce Senior Category Manager
Fresh Market


“I call Todd my friend. He’s someone I can trust to speak the truth when the truth is uncomfortable to hear. His candor is appreciated because it has a purpose and is delivered with kindness.”

Bill McCoy
Better Life Organics


“My company hired Todd Linsky as a sales consultant a few years ago. It was invaluable, and well worth the investment. Todd has a remarkable ability to hone in on areas of operation where help is needed. He addressed our structure, culture, strategy and product offerings with efficiency and effectiveness. He reinforced the fact that this is an industry built on relationships and offered us tangible ways to strengthen our ties to our critical customers. It is obvious that he is in it to make a difference. He continues to support and encourage us through our personal relationships with him. I can't imagine a better name for his company than TLC!”

Michela Calabrese
VP, Business Development

An Organic Brand Management Company

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